16 Minutes with First Lady Michelle Obama Part 2

MEETING #2 – 30 seconds

The next night was the State Dinner.  I was so excited to attend.  I really did not know what to expect.  I just heard from all sorts of people that this was the hottest ticket in DC.

I picked up Alice from the Airport and then back to the hotel where we got gussied up.

Both April Holmes and the First Lady were right.

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John and Alice on the Truman Balcony.

Alice looked stunning in the dress she selected.  I dressed up in my contemporary tux and put on the new tux shoes I purchased earlier that day.

The reason I mentioned the shoes because they were really slippery and with my artificial limb I had a phobia that I would be in the receiving line and be just about shake the Presidents hand and my foot was slide out from under me on one of those nice expensive rugs.

Can anyone say LifeAlert!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

We jumped in a cab and headed over the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  The street was jammed packed with cars!  We jumped out of the cab about two blocks from the East Side entrance.   As we walked down the street a young couple asked us what was going on.  And like little kids we said that there was a State Dinner in honor of the British Prime Minister and we were actually invited!

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Idris Elba stops in the East Wing in the White House for a photo with Alice.

Alice and I went through the first level of security and guess what?  (What John?) Our names were not on the list.  So, we were stopped by White House security with about 9 other guest in a waiting area all of those guest assured us that it would only be a few minutes. We stayed in the penalty box for about 20 minutes and then were cleared to enter the East Wing of the White House. At least we were not the last ones in the penalty box.

Upon entering the East Wing we stepped up to get our name tint for our table and to announce our entry to the press corps.  But low and behold our names were not there either!  So, we were asked to wait again.

The sweat was beginning to roll down the small of my back because I thought this was going in the direction of ala (Tareq and Michele Salahi).

I’m thinking of a line from Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop when the LA Police officer state, “We’re not going to fall for the banana in the tail pipe again.”

To make a long story short.  We were not even on the this list either!  The social secretary thought that we had regretted the invitation. Come to find out there was another John Register who had been to the White House who received my printed invite.  You see, I had accepted the email invite and four days later this other

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Alice meets President Barack H. Obama.

John Register regretted the printed invitation.  I would have loved to see what would have happened if we both had shown up!

I would have been like Slim Shady!

‘Cause I’m JReg, yes I’m the real Reg
All you other JReggies are just limp veggies
So won’t the real John Register please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

Taken of course with liberties from Eminens’ “Slim Shady” Rap.

Meanwhile, while we are waiting for it to get all sorted out up walks Idris Elba (Movie Star) and Alice begins to flip out because she wants a photo.  Mr. Elba is looking at us like I think you all might be the Salahi’s and I really don’t want to come over to your holding pen.  But he was gracious enough and obliged my wife the photo.

The social secretary finally sorted it all out and we were able to get in.
In the receiving line I let Alice go first.  She shook the hand of President Obama who told her that she looked wonderful and beautiful.

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John meets President Barack Obama.

I looked at the floor to see what type of carpet I was about to step on.

I then shook the hand of the President.  And he greeted me with that classic smile of his.  We exchange some quick pleasantries.

I then saw caught the First Ladies eye who looked at me and must have put two and two together that the lady in front of me was my wife and she remembered our conversation from the previous day and in a down to earth voice told Alice, “Girl, I heard about the issues you were having with finding your dress.  But you look lovely!”

Now that is just too cool.  Of all the people the First Lady meets, for her to remember a detail like that is just remarkable.  Again, down to earth and genuine… (cool, like the other side of the pillow) – aka @Stuart Scott