16 Minutes with First Lady Michelle Obama! Part 3

MEETING #3 – 2 minutes

The First Lady was coming to Colorado to open up the Warrior Games an inter-service military sporting event hosted by Deloitte and the United States Olympic Committee for wounded ill and injured service members who serve in America’s Armed Forces.  This year there was also an exhibition team from Great Britain.

Prior to Mrs. Obama’s speech at the Olympic Training Center she visited Hillside Community Center to say thank you to the volunteers who were making phone calls over the past weekend on behalf of the re-election campaign that past weekend.

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The First Lady came by the Hillside Community Center to say thank you to hundreds of volunteers.

As one of 35 Co-Chairs for OFA I was asked to warm up the volunteers who had been invited to a special “closed event” with the First Lady, as well as introduce the speakers on the program.

Again, very humbled an honored to do this.

Hillside Community Center in Colorado Springs serves a great need in Colorado Springs but was on the chopping block in the city budget cuts.  I am glad the city has kept these doors open to many community members who live in House District 17.

After I finished the emceeing of the event on the main floor of the gymnasium Alice and I were taken upstairs to stand in line with about 60 people to meet Mrs. Obama.  She entered the room and all eyes fixed on her.  At 6 feet tall the First Lady has a commanding presence. But her humbleness and graciousness extends far above her stature.

I noticed how she took time to listen to each person that was presented to her as well as give them a big hug.  I have been fortunate to meet four Presidents and none have been as outgoing as the Obama’s.  That last comment does not have anything to do with how well they were or were not effective in office just how genuine a person is.

When it was our turn to meet the First Lady she remembered both Alice and me from the State dinner.

“Wasn’t that such a wonderful event! And John Legend was awesome. We’ll have to do that again sometime,” the First Lady said as she gave Alice a great big Momma Bear Hug.

I really hope we can do that again!  I’m sure SHE will do it again – I just don’t know if we will get another invite! And, if we do, hopefully it will come to the right John Register!  LoL

We took another photo with her and then were ushered downstairs by the secret service to hear her speak.

When she was announced to the eager volunteers the cheers in the little Hillside Community Center erupted into a frenzied pitch.

She took to the podium and…she took over the crowd.

I was scrambling trying to get my camera out and ready to take a photo when I overheard the First Lady say “And, let’s not forget Co-Chair John Register who has done a remarkable job.”

What…? Me? In her notes?