The Beginning

I used to resist being called an "inspiration" for two reasons. First, I believed the word was to be used for a person who one felt sorry. I did not want sympathy from anyone! Secondly, I felt the word should be reserved for someone who actually did inspire. I mean, just because I can still walk with the aid of a prosthesis doesn't mean I'm an inspiration...or does it?

It took me awhile to understand that just because I didn't see myself as an inspiration; it didn't mean others agreed with my opinion.

I had to realize that just walking down the street in a pair of shorts or sitting in an airport with my artificial leg exposed inspires people-- whether I like it or not. So, if someone is being inspired, should I take more ownership in those opportunities?

I embraced this new enlightenment by dubbing myself an Inspirational Catalyst. This mantle reminds me that whatever I do in life, I must do it with others in mind. It also reminds me that all of us inspire! We all need to embrace our ability to inspire!

The Business

Inspired Communications International, LLC was birthed from my participation with the Army's Total Army Involvement in Recruiting or (TAIR) Missions. I introduced Army World Class Athletes who were vying for Olympic team spots to youth who were considering serving in the Army.

It started out as nothing fancy. I would begin the program with a poem or a quote, and use humor and wit to keep the high school students engaged and interested in the program. It soon became clear that I was operating in my purpose, and Principals began asking the recruiters, "Who was the one-legged guy who inspired (there goes that word again) the students?"

The recruiters asked me to come back and speak to the students. I decided that if the kids were really listening, I was going to use that time to give them an inspirational message. Thus was born Inspired Communications! The International came later as I began speaking outside of the country.

Since those early days, my company has been fortunate enough to inspire literally millions of people.

I now provide Inspirational keynotes and team-building presentations that help businesses Hurdle their Adversity and empower themselves or their employees to create a new normal. The major groups that have benefited from this message have been for profit businesses, military/government, educational institutions, non-profits and athletic teams.

I welcome the opportunity to learn about YOU and discuss how I can provide exponential results by inspiring your team.

The Message

“Hurdle Adversity, Empower Life to Create the New Normal.”

A simple message. The application…well, that takes some work. We all face adversity in our lives. How we handle the adversity is a direct reflection of our true character. My message to you is that there are people in your midst who will not allow you to fail. Let’s build those connections to hurdle our adversity and create a new normal.

The Mission

The mission of Inspired Communications International, LLC is to inspire all businesses and audiences to realize and accept that:

They have a wealth of resources to overcome any test they are facing.

They are not alone in life's struggles.

There is always a path to Hurdling any Adversity -- not only in their own life, but, more importantly, to help someone else.

This might be a business who is about to lay off one hundred workers, or a team that is frustrated by not getting the best results. It could be a military division whose soldiers and families are struggling from the strain of war or a young high school student who does not see a way to college.

All of these situations can be overcome.

The Solution

As you follow along my life's journey from All-American athlete to soldier to amputee and back to decorated athlete, I will help you discover how to hurdle adversity through experience, insight and science-based applications. Together we will learn how to Change Our Perspective; Tolerate Confusion; Take Risk and Pursue our Passion to create the new normal. The outcome is that you too can be the inspiration in your situation, and people will look to you to be their catalyst for change.

The Action

Are you ready to be INSPIRED? Take the time to fill out my brief questionnaire to begin a dialogue of how we might connect, and connect with me on social media to get a daily dose of inspiration from yours truly.

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