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16 Minutes with First Lady Michelle Obama Part 2

MEETING #2 – 30 seconds The next night was the State Dinner.  I was so…

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The Non-Marginalized Father

“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has…

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John Register and First Lady Michelle Obama

16 Minutes with First Lady Michelle Obama! Part 1

MEETING #1 – 6 minutes (FLOTUS) Speaks to youth on getting more active at American University….

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The Hardest Job Everyone Thinks They Can Do

– Written by Dennis Hong This piece was inspired by a heated discussion I had…

Living Life

Enjoy this short piece by Bonnie L Mohr Life is not a race – but…

Leaders Lead By Example, Whether They Intend To Or Not

An excerpt from 212° Leadership by Mac Anderson Leaders lead by example, whether they intend…

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An Excerpt From Goals By Gary Ryan Blair

The odds that you’ll succeed without taking action are about the same as winning the…

Hurdling Adversity: 1 Minute to Change A Life

A few years ago a friend invited me to read Mitch Albom’s book “The Five…

HOPE and PEACE Through Sport

Hope: Hope is the belief that circumstances in the future will be better. Last year…

Inspiration from 2008 Olympian and Silver Medalist Emily Silver

Emily Silver (on Twitter @Emily_Silver) never says quit. It is just not in her vocabulary!…